Where Are They Now...
Here's a listing of all the rides and attractions that I know the current locations of. If you have updated information to
add, please email me at
Ride Name
Location/New Name
Six Flags Marine World
as Kong
Was the first of the Opryland rides to get a new
home. Repainted traffic cone orange now.
Rock'n'Roller Coaster
Six Flags Great Escape
as Canyon Blaster
Walbash Cannonball
Trains stored in park in
While the trains are waiting to be used, the track was
sold for scrap.
Screamin' Delta Demon
Was being stored at Old Indiana Fun Park, but the
land has been sold by Six Flags and the current
location of this ride is unknown.
This was also stored at Old Indiana Fun Park. While
the train from it was for sale in early '06, the track
was scrapped some time before that.
Old Mill Scream
Six Flags Enchanted
Village as Lumberjack
My HUGE thanks goes out to Aaron from Northwest
Themepark Guide
for shooting and this video!!
Grizzly River Rampage
see info section
The hardware for this ride was sent to SF Kentucky
Kingdom to help build Penguin's Blizzard River,
while the rafts were sent to SF Astroworld. Once
Astroworld closed, the rafts were sent to SF Over
Texas where they are in use now.
Tin Lizzies
Standing Not
Six Flags Kentucky
From several emails I've receieved, I've found out
that the Tin Lizzies are alive and well at Kentucky
Kingdom. The park is currently closed.
Raft Ride
Was the first adult ride to leave Opryland to make
way for Old Mill Scream
Flume Zoom
a.k.a. Dulcimer Splash
Idlewood Park
My big thanks to Heather for letting me know that
the Flume Zoom was purchased by Idlewood from
Old Indiana and opened back up as Paul Bunyon's
Loggin' Toboggan in the 2005 season.
Parking Lot Trams
Gaylord properties and
who rents them
After a new white paint job, I saw them in action
again while attending a race at the track. They still
bear the Gaylord insignia and transport people from
the parking areas to the speedway.
Barnstormer, Country Bumpkins, Tennessee Waltz, and the Little Deuce Coupe were all relocated to Old Indiana Fun
Park after the Six Flags buyout. While unconfirmed, I have to believe all these rides were sold for scrap as the Walbash
Cannonball was once Six Flags sold the land of Old Indiana. I haven't seen any of these rides re-surface at any Six Flags
park, so that's why I fear the worst for these rides.
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