Wabash Cannonball
This was probably the all-time favorite ride Opryland had to offer. The entrance had a stack of cannonballs. Once you
were in the station, you most of the time got to choose where you rode. The back car for obvious reasons was the wildest
place to ride. In later years, it was the first ride to offer on-ride photos. Also, until Hangman made it's debut in 1995, the
Wabash was the most intense of the rides in the park. Once I got the courage up to ride it, it quickly became one of the
rides I had to ride each visit. It was also a smooth ride even in the inversions, that is what seems to be a rare thing when it
comes to coasters with any kind of inversions. Unfortunately, her days in Opryland will be the last days it will see as a ride
since Six Flags didn't have a use for it, they sold the track for scrap to an independent contractor. But everything sad
aside, this ride will forever be with me as it was my first major coaster.

Here's the stats:
Steel - Sit-down
Operated from 1975 to 1997
# of Trains
1200 feet
70 feet
50 mph
Special Features
Double Corkscrew
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