Rock N' Roller Coaster
(aka Timber Topper)
This was one of Opryland's original rides. It was a family favorite as there wasn't any major drop hills but was still fun to
ride. When the park opened in 1972 this was one ride that was a major attraction, there was a ramp you walked up, then
you loaded into different lines depending upon which seat you wanted (the back was the best, as it would whip you around
the loops).  You would stand behind the yellow line with a little entrance gate closed that looked like a flag.  And of course
you did not mind waiting for this ride as you had 50's music bopping in the background as well as the smell of the pizza to
entertain you.  As you boarded the ride you were advised to remove your hats, glasses etc.  As the train departed the
building you would see the extra trains stored on the right and an exit ramp on the left.  You would go around a bend then
start up a small hill that lead into a little loop which would whip really great if your in the back then you would go on
around and up the big hill as you reached the top you would go straight for a few feet and you could wave at the people on
the skylift as well they could wave at you.  You would then start going down, down, down.  After the last around you
would make your way back to the station as you did this it seemed as though the speed exceled and you would pass people
sitting at the Pizza place and enter through a tunnel where the brakes would engage and everyone would scream and
applaud.  A great family ride truely missed!

Here's the stats:
Rock N' Roller Coaster, Timber Topper
Steel Sit-down
Operated from 1972 to 1997
Arrow/Mine train
2,000 feet
56 feet
45 mph
Other Features
2 Lifts Hills
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