Old Mill Scream
Built in 1987, this 2.6 million dollar shoot-the-shoots ride was added replacing the Raft Ride. This was a short but fun
ride. Each boat held 20 passengers. This had the drop of the Flume Zoom and the soaking ability from the Grizzly River
Rampage which turned out to be a good mix. I can't remember a time walking by this ride when there wasn't a HUGE line
to it. Also, as you exit the ride, you had to walk over a bridge that was located at the foot of the drop hill adding a second
chance to get soaked if you didn't already get wet enough on the ride itself. This was a great ride on the hottest of summer
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Here's a video of the entire ride. My thanks to Lisa for sending me this.
Click play on the video to watch it!
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