Misc. Stuff
This area is for stuff that really didn't belong anywhere else..LOL  
If you have any sounds, RCT 1 or 2 rides and/or parks, or anything else Opryland related feel free to email me at
Steve@thrillhunter.com and I'll try to get it on here for everyone's enjoyment. In the following weeks I'll try to get up my
versions of rides from both RCT's.  Thanks!
Here's a track design for RCT 1 that someone sent in, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As".
Rock N' Roller Coaster
Here are 3 types of passes that were offered in the early 80's known as "Good Times Passes". It was like the little brother
version of the season pass. These shots were sent in by Penny Hunt. :)
Here's some different name badges, buttons, and various ticket that Penny and her husband collected while working at
the park. Click on either picture below to see a larger version.
Here's some buttons and badges from Jason Duke and his friend Kevin Davis. My thanks to Jason for sending these in!
Here's a name badge from Bruce Jacobs. Thanks Bruce for adding your badge to the group.