Credits and Links
Rollercoaster Database
Duane's Rollercoaster Database is one of the greatest sites on the net in
my opinion. He covers every coaster and every park I've ever heard of
and some I didn't know about. He was helpful with information for
assorted rides listed here on Thrillhunter. Check out his site!!!!
Memories of Opryland Themepark
Group (1)
This is a great Yahoo group covering all things Opryland. They have a
vast picture collection as well as in-group discussions about the park.
Memories of Opryland Themepark
Group (2)
This is a continuation of the first group. It was created once the first
group reached it's size limit. More great content.
Coaster Gallery
This is a good site covering different parks around the country. Go check
it out!
Northwest Themepark Guide
This is Aaron's Northwest Theme Park Guide. He covers most of the
parks in the northwestern US. Good site to look at. Thanks again Aaron
for the Lumberjack Falls ride video!
Remember Libertyland
A good dedication site to Libertyland.
Hey! If you want the scoop on happenings new and old in and around
Nashville, then this is the site to see! Chip has done a great job covering
all things Nashville.
Haunted Souls
Afraid of things that go bump in the night? Ever feel like there is someone
watching you? Step in to the world of the paranormal! This isn't a
themepark site, but it is my wife's site about the paranormal. Thanks Dez
for all you've helped me with on Thrillhunter.
WNPT Channel 8
Our Nashville PBS station which did a special named "Memories of
Opryland". My thanks to Justin Harvey for inviting me and my site to be a
part of this fun show. It was a great experience! You can order the DVD of
the show from their website. Well worth picking up a copy.