Grand Carousel
Manufactured by Dentzel Carousel Company in 1909
This is one ride that I truly have to say took my breath away. This is the most ornate carousel I have ever seen. It's just
detail you don't see anymore. The level of detail on this beyond words from me. A few things of note, there was over
10,000 lights on this, and all the faces and features were all hand carved. After being in service for over 90 years, I'd say
only one word describes this one... INCREDIBLE!!

Here's what had to say about their Grand Carousel:

One of the oldest, all-horse carousels in America!

Built in 1909 by William H. Dentzel of the famed Dentzel Carousel Company, the Grand Carousel is a beautifully restored,
hand-carved carousel with wooden horses that move within an elaborately decorated frame.  The ride is listed with the
National Register of Historic Places.

Libertyland’s Gypsy Queen is the National Carousel Association Horse No. 3 available for sale in miniature worldwide.  The
Memphis Landmarks Commission and Tennessee Historic Commission honored the Carousel with two awards – one for
engineering achievement and the later for Distinguished Service.
These are shots from
Libertyland's website
These are shots from my wife and I we shot a week before
the auction. Look at the detail..
This was inside the center where the
actual carousel is ran from. Just thought
it was interesting.