Chaos was Opryland's only indoor coaster. It went through several changes in terms of theming inside over the years,
but remained one of the best and most popular attractions Opryland ever had. I never really cared for the last set of
changes to it (reactor scenes) as I didn't feel they measured up to the original 3-d enhanced effects. Overall this was a
GREAT coaster as it was fun and very smooth riding. That's a trait not many coasters anymore can claim. Actor Cory
Feldman was there opening day signing autographs.

Here's the stats
Steel - Sitdown
Operated from 3-25-89 to 10-25-97
Vekoma/Illusion MK 700
1,400 riders per hour
1 train, 40 two-seated cars
Ride Length
2,620 feet
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Here are 4 shots from Jimmy Wall.
These are some great shots of the testing of the MK 700. From what I've learned, the building and track belong to
Chaos, but the trains are from Chaos's sister ride Revolution which you can see below. My thanks to Jimmy for sharing
Here's shots from Chaos's only sister ride. It's name is Revolution at Bobbejaanland in Belguim.
Pictures are from Benoît De Groote and Kenneth Colpaert. My thanks to both of them for submitting these shots.
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**Note** The background sound of the ride starting up is from my friend Harrie Mangels. My BIG thanks to him for
allowing to use this sound to bring yet another memory to life. The sound is from Chaos' sister ride Revolution which is
virtually identical to Chaos in operation.
By Youtube user TheDinnerKing