This was an overall fun ride for the whole family. It stood as Opryland's tallest attraction until the Skycoaster was
installed in the later years. As you can see from the picture, you rode in bi-planes with 2 seating compartments holding a
total of 4 riders per plane. The ride started you out with you spinning upward until you reached the top of the tower. Now
anyone who rode this can tell you, it was kinda spooky when you got to the top of the tower because the ride would lock in
place and bounce a tad when locking in. Once you reached the top, you spun for about 30-45 seconds, then started on
your way back down. I always liked the ride because once you got used to the bounce at the top, it was a relaxing ride to be
on. Good ride for families to ride together.
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Chris Cowan here with
his Grandmother in 1978.
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